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RDL (ROFA Data Logger)

RDL stands for a set of software modules which read data from different analyzers, process them a store them in a database.


The simplest configuration is to connect the analyzers direct to serial ports of a PC that runs the RDL modules and displays and stores all data. If this PC is connected to a laboratory network, the data can be written into the database of a LIMS (Laboratory Information and Management System). The disadvantages of this setup are that the distances between the analyzers and PC must be short and on the PC a sufficient number of serial ports must be available.

Those disadvantages can be overcome if the analyzers are connected to the laboratory network via Serial Port Servers. One PC located anywhere in the network can run all RDL modules and the PCs at the locations of the analyzers are no longer needed. This saves costs and space that often is very limited in laboratories.

For RDL modules that need a user interface (e.g. acknowledgements of the operator) a small graphic display with integrated touch panel can be installed directly at the analyzer(s).

If the laboratory network has a Wireless Access Point, a Pocket PC can be used to control the RDL modules from anywhere in the laboratory.

RDL modules are available for instruments of

and for others on request.

RDL module for Herzog Flash Point Analyzer