Laboratory & Process Analyzers
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ROFA has been established in Vienna in 1958 and is in 100% ownership of Mr. Matthias Fiedler.
The first branch office has been founded in 1990 followed by another 11 offices till now.

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The core activity of Rofa is concentrated on Central Eastern Europe, but for some product lines we are working worldwide with a strong growth in Africa and Asia.

For many years Rofa´s field of competence is the supply, installation and maintainance of laboratory and process analyzers for the chemical industry, including petroleum testing, waste water analysis, food industry and silicate industry.

Rofa is focused on instrumentation that requests our technical skill in consulting, training and maintenance. Therefore around 50% of the Rofa team are trained service engineers who are experienced in both petroleum products testing and instrument service.

A growing part of ROFA is research & development which includes the team of Rofa France, Rofa Germany and one engineer in Rofa Vienna.